Easy application using ready-to-use wipes


LIQUID GUARD is sold as a set of 2 convenient pre-packaged ready-to-use wipes, which are applied one after the other and can cover a total surface area of 4 square meters.

This is enough to coat the surface of 5 office desks or to completely coat 45 tablets or 100 smartphones.


*Please use supplied gloves before opening and handling the wipes.

Surface compatibility


LIQUID GUARD® can be used on these surfaces:

  •  Glass

  • Ceramics

  • Oxidation resistant metals

  • Plastics, made from e.g. PMMA, ABS, ECTFE, HDPE, LDPE, PA, PC, PMP, PP, PS, PVC, SAN or SI

  • Varnishes

  • Printed cardboards and wrapping

LIQUID GUARD® CANNOT be used on these surfaces:

  • Food packaging

  • Water-sensitive surfaces, such as e.g. paper If you’re unsure whether our products are suitable for any surface, please do not use it.

LIQUID GUARD® clean + primer wipe/ spray and LIQUID GUARD® wipe/spray are registered non-hazardous goods according to ADR and IATA. For the safe handling of LIQUID GUARD® please see the safety instructions for each component, as well as the information flyer concerning the LIQUID GUARD® wipe/spray agent.


Chemical basis

Modified silica creates a non-migrating antimicrobial glass layer

Layer thickness


Water resistance

Slightly hydrophobic

Temperature stability


Chemical stability



2000 hours according to ISO 11507 A (corresponds to circa 3-4 years)

Abrasion resilience

Glass. ceramic > 40.000 cycles according to ISO 11998 (cleaning with water)

Noble metals > 20.000 cycles according to ISO 11998 (cleaning with water)


Plastics > 5.000 cycles according to ISO 11998 (cleaning with water

Salt water resistant




Storage stability

1 year

Temperature sensitivity

3°C to 40°C


Wipes: 1 x cleaning and polymerizing wipe + 1 x activating wipe for up to 4m²


Spray: Approximately 10ml/m²  for Cleaner + Primer and LIQUID GUARD spray


Step 1: Use the cleaning and polymerising wipe (LIQUID GUARD® clean and primer wipe) to degrease and clean the surfaces thoroughly. Only in case of extreme contamination (or limescale) should a pre-cleaner for the specific type of contamination be used. After the liquid has evaporated (circa 5 min at normal room temperature) a polymer layer is formed.

Step 2: To activate the polymer layer so it becomes antimicrobial, wipe it over with the activating wipe (LIQUID GUARD® wipe) thoroughly as per Step 1.


Step 3: After 2 minutes the surface should be buffed using a microfiber wipe/cloth until all visible streaks disappear. A thorough polishing will be necessary, especially on transparent or shiny surfaces.


After 6 hours the coating is hardened and ready for use.